Singing Bowls – the traditional brain entrainment methodology for healing and meditation. Singing Bowls have been used for hundreds of years for healing and meditation purposes. They produce a spread of sounds to revive the traditional moving frequencies of unhealthy and out-of-harmony components of the body, mind and soul.

Singing bowls are used to aid meditation, religious practice, relaxation and healthcare. Singing Bowls are utilized in sound healing, singing bowls are sometimes named as healing bowls or chakra bowls.

In sound healing, or “sound massage,” the bowls are played around and typically placed on the body of the receiver of the treatment. The practitioner uses the resonance of the bowls’ harmonic vibrations inside the human body for reconciliation and relaxation. Some sound healers request to activate or balance the body’s chakras, or energy centers.

The traditional methods of manufacturing the bowls has been lost for at least 50 years, however the producing strategies used these days can manufacture bowls with stunning tones. Today, bowls are both hand-hammered and machine-made, or a mix of the two. The most effective modern bowls are considered to come from India.

Mandala & Auspicious Buddha symbols

Sizes vary from 6.5” – 10” approx

Meditation Chakra and Music Therapy Hand Made .



Extraordinary Quality Singing Bowls

This set of 7 bowls consist of the following:

size 1 : 6.5” x 3” approx

Weight: Approx 450 grams


size 2 : 7” x 3.5” approx

Weight: Approx 550 grams


size 3 : 8” x 3.75” approx

Weight: Approx 630 grams


size 4 : 8.5” x 4.3” approx

Weight: Approx 750 grams


size 5 : 9” x 4.3” approx

Weight: Approx 900 grams


size 6 : 9.5” x 5” approx

Weight: Approx 1 Kilo


size 7 : 10” x 5.5” approx

Weight: Approx 1.2 Kilos


Combined weight approx 5.5 kilos for complete set of 7


These Hand Crafted, hand cast Aluminium Singing Bowls are extremely special for their qualities and amazing sound.
They produce an excellent long lasting sound.
Singing Bowls for Meditation and Sound Therapy


Remember this is for complete set of 7 signing bowls. Great profits to be made with these.


Due to hand carfted nature, colours, designs, dimensions and weights may vary slightly


At Sabirian, WE PUT PEOPLE FIRST AND OUR PROFITS SECOND. All our profits are kept within our organization in order to help and fund small scale producers and artisans in India. We also fund community initiatives both in India and the UK.


By choosing this item you are supporting Fair Trade.

Set Of 7 Hand Crafted and Hand Painted Aluminium Singing Bowl

Colours Available


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