Beautifully crafted resin Lord Ganesha, the embodiment of auspiciousness, seated.His trunk, which he uses to destroy obstacles and progress, is turned left. It is believed that Lord Ganesha’s left side is aligned with and possess the qualities of the Moon, which in Hindu symbolises peacefulness and blissfulness, prosperity and signifies the material gains. Householders always prefer to have Ganesha with his trunk turned left, as it is believed to bring them prosperity with material gains. In addition, this statue is made with marble resin which is naturally occurring marble and a small amount of polyester resin. This allows the statues to be created with a much higher detail than normal resin and makes it more durable. One of a kind, hand-crafted Lord Ganesha statue will serve you long and well!  

This traditional hand crafted item is produced in Northern INDIA for Sabirian on a fair trade basis. 
Material : Resin Colour : Black/Red 
Workmanship : Hand crafted by skilled craftsmen 

Give a decorative touch to any room or office. 
All our products are exquisitely handmade in India by small scale producers and artisans one piece at a time by using natural made products. 
Due to the handmade nature of these items, It is difficult to make 2 identical items, therefore making each item unique and slight imperfections should be seen proof of their handmade nature. Colour, design may vary from images shown. 
These are of excellent quality and are absolutely adorable . 
Sabirian is a not profit social enterprise manufacturer, importer, retailer and wholesaler. We offer the best prices on high quality products. 

6” Resin Lord Ganesha Statue

SKU: SAB0000137