Do you offer a DROP shipping service?

Yes we do...

Sabirian Drop Shipping service allows you to sell our products on your own website, shop or your online auction website without the need to purchase the stock up front. You dont even have to worry about packaging the items and sending to your customers, we do that for you.

No matter how you sell your products - our simple drop shipping prices and product details allows you to upload the product details to ensure you can get up and started quickly.

We suggest a recommended retail price for each product in order fro you to maximise your profits. When you sell a product, you simply take the money from your customer, place your order for the product with us, and let us take care of everything else!

Our warehouse team will ensure your order is picked, packed and dispatched directly to your customer as quickly as possible. This means all you have to do is sit back and let Sabirian do all the work for you. 

For more details or to make your first purchase visit our Sabirian drop shipping web site on

What is the sabirian "try before you buy" service

This is a unique service for those customers with physical retail outlets.

The Sabirian "Try Before You Buy Service" is a unique service whereby we allow you to try some Sabirian products on an upto 60 day trial period. 

Simply you sell the items within the 60 day period and pay Sabirian for the items that you have sold at the agreed "try before you buy" product price, any items not sold simply return them us.

All you need to pay for is the shipping of the products to you and the return of any unsold products.

We will even assist you by advising which are the best sellers in order for you to maximise your profits.

For more details on this unique service or a copy of the "try before your buy" product prices,

email us on

or give us a call on 01983 539385


An example of products available for Drop Shipping and Try Before You Buy
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